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Important Info

Jan-16-2011 Posted under

Here are some important things for riders and parents to remember:

1:  Check in time:  5:45 am.
2:  Departure time:  6:15 am sharp.
3:  Location : King’s Way Christian School

4:  Return to bus and roll call:  3:30 pm
5:  Departure time from Mt. Hood Meadows: 4:00 pm

If riders are late, we do two checks at the Medical Center and Meadows Concierge and call the rider’s cell phone. After this, we call parents to let them know that they need to drive to Meadows to pick up their child. We then notify Meadows concierge and give them all contact info (rider and parents). We then depart to Vancouver….  (4:15 pm or so)
We haven’t had to leave a child before and we hope that you help us keep this record.

6:  Return to King’s Way Christian School  5:30 pm or later depending upon weather and traffic. We call from Troutdale I-84 to let parents know that we are approx 30 mins away. Be available to take calls starting at 5:00pm or so.
Please arrive at King’s Way promptly to pick up you kids.

If you can’t make it for a Saturday, please let me know at least a day in advance, if possible.  If you need to get a hold of me while we are on the mountain, try my cell phone. Once you are officially signed up I will notify you with all the important info, including my cell #

In the event someone has forgotten an article of clothing necessary to ski or snowboard, I will contact the parent and get approval to purchase that item in the Meadows ski shop and get reimbursed by the parent. It helps to prepare a checklist so that does not happen!

As for lunch on the mountain, everyone is responsible to bring their own lunch or lunch money ($20.00) as well as a snack and drink for the ride home! Snowblasters will be able to put their lunch/bags in the snowblaster area. The bus is unattended during the day so if your child needs to bring a bag into the lodge he or she will need to rent a locker, costs start at $6.00 for a medium size. I would not leave a backpack or bag unattended as we have had some things stolen. I usually break at 12:00 for lunch and riders can find me in the lower lodge area called snowblasters. If you have any questions or concerns please call me.